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Southern Claims Commission

Southern Claims Commission

Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Record Group 217

Approved Claims, 1871-1880: Georgia

In an act of July 4, 1864 (13 Stat. 381-82), Congress recognized that the Federal Government owed a debt to loyal citizens residing in non-Confederate states. Congress agreed to evaluate claims from loyal citizens for property loses suffered during the Civil War.

It was not until 3 March of 1871 that Congress passed an act to included loyal citizens residing in the former Confederate States. Congress agreed to hear claims regarding “… stores or supplies taken or furnished during the rebellion.”

The Southern Claims Commission proceeded to hear claims and then attempt to satisfy themselves of the loyalty of each claimant; certify the amount, nature, and value of the property taken or furnished; and report their judgment on each claim. Interested parties will gain a wealth of information about the process and the records by reading the National Archives Descriptive Pamphlet M1658.

Barred and Disallowed Case Files of the Southern Claims Commission, 1871-1880 are available on microfiche (M1407) at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

In 1992, the R.J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation and the National Archives Trust Fund joined forces to film the 629 individual approved case files (1871-1880) for the state of Georgia. The publication is on 1100 sheets of microfiche; National Archives series M1658. The microfiche may be viewed at the Georgia Archives and the National Archives-Southeast Region in Morrow, Georgia, and at other selected libraries around the state.

The following individuals from Cherokee County were among those whose claims were approved.

Name Claim #
Bennett, Freeman 3176
Brock, Mary 975
Brown, Isaac 974
Byers, Joseph 7997
Casey, Ellison 387
Dowdy, Benjamin 20516
Ellison, Hannah 1226
Jarvis, Samuel 18160
Keith, Phillip 5662
Kuykendall, John 7992
King, Cynthia C. 4864
Lovinggood, Eli 4065
Moore, Ann
(Catherine Howell, Successor)
Thacker, Andrew B. 7993
Thomas, John F. 1802
Williamson, William R. 18153
Wright, William 18156