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Transcribed Records of Cherokee County

Besides the local resources that we have compiled for you, there is a wealth of information available via the records we have transcribed for you below.

1849 Cherokee County Tax Digest (download PDF)
1876 Directories (download PDF)
Approved Claims (download PDF)
Cemeteries (download PDF)
Changing Boundaries of Cherokee County (download PDF)
Cherokee County Death Indexes:
1919 (download PDF)

1920 (download PDF)
1921 (download PDF)
1919-1922 (download PDF)
1923 (download PDF)
Churches (download PDF)
Georgia Citizenship Granted (download PDF)
Georgia Legislative Acts (download PDF)
Miller Rolls (download PDF)
Mines (download PDF)
Mortality Schedules:
1850 (download PDF)

1860 (download PDF)
1870 (download PDF)
1880 (download PDF)