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Beasley’s Gap

Beasley’s Gap, a 12-mile stretch on GA 140 between Waleska and Rydal, (in Bartow County), was named for John and Jane Beasley who settled there in the early 1800s. Mr. and Mrs. Beasley settled in the area and built a log cabin in the gap where they lived and farmed for several years. Finding the winter wind off Pine Log Mountain unbearable, the Beasley’s built another house further into the gap where they lived the rest of their lives Jaon and Jane owned slaves who helped in the farm work. The Beasleys are buried at Beasley Cemetery in Beasley’s Gap.

The gap slowly grew through the years as more and more settlers came to farm cotton in the huge fields found all along the gap.

Source: The Heritage of Cherokee County Georgia 1831-1998